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How do you cut and eat spaghetti squash?

So, you’re shopping at the grocery store in November and see a curious sight. A large, yellow oval that resembles a cross between a melon and a lemon. What is it? It’s a spaghetti squash! Now, don’t turn your nose up at it because it’s a little out of your cooking comfort zone. It’s actually […]

What is Italian dressing a mixture of?

Have you ever made homemade salad dressing? It is amazing! It blows away store bought every single time! But, most people are not privy to how to make their own salad dressing. It’s like it’s some weird, hidden secret and you can only find salad dressing in a bottle on a shelf in the grocery […]

Do fresh beans taste better than canned?

Mexican food is my absolute favorite type of food! Are you like me? I simply can’t get enough Carne Asada, guacamole, and, my all-time favorite, bean and cheese burritos! It’s amazing to me that when I go out to Mexican restaurants that every restaurant has their own slight take on beans, and rice and salsa […]

Why do people put flour in mac and cheese?

Are you like me: Your kids prefer the cheesy pasta out of a box, but you prefer the taste of homemade? I don’t think I’ll ever understand that! Homemade cheese sauce, when done right, is so rewarding! That gooey, cheesy sauce that is creamy and tangy and perfectly covers your pasta! It is definitely MY […]

Jersey Mikes Italian Sub Recipe Copycat: How To Make

Craving a delicious and hearty sandwich that brings the flavors of an Italian deli right to your home? Let me share how to recreate Jersey Mike’s Italian sub. This homemade recipe features provolone cheese, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, and pepperoni, combined with crisp vegetables and a robust vinaigrette. Making this sub is simple and satisfying. […]